Chuffed! 2nd clubman and 12th overall at

Chuffed! 2nd clubman and 12th overall at round 5 of 2010 British Cross Country Championship. Really pleased with the engine, driver rusty!

3 Responses to “Chuffed! 2nd clubman and 12th overall at”

  1. 1 dave buckingham 13 October 2010 at 01:10

    Hello,im from the states and follow you guys from your web site and should be proud of what you have done with the old girl.
    I own two discos myself,really wonderfull vehicles.Again great
    job driving,best of luck. Dave B.

    • 2 friesianracing 13 October 2010 at 07:07

      Thanks, great to hear that we have some followers on the other side of the pond! We’ve got some more photos and video coming soon from our last outing. Hope you will enjoy them!

      I have a secret ambition to perhaps bring MuddyMoo across the Atlantic to tackle the Baja. It is little more than a pipe dream really, but you never know!

      Good luck with your Discoverys, hope you continue to enjoy them!


  1. 1 Autobreakers ireland Trackback on 18 June 2018 at 01:30

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