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What are we up to in 2008?

A while ago I promised I’d let you know what we were planning for the year!  The calendar has been up in the ‘Events’ section for a while, but it might be worth saying a bit more about what we’ve got planned.

First up is rebuild time – every winter there is something new.  Last year’s themes were engine and livery and this year its suspension and wiring.  We passed the point of no return on the suspension front a while ago, as you may have seen on our Flickr stream.  We hacked off the existing 10″ ProComp shock absorber towers and replaced them with some new Tomcat Motorsport 12″ shock mounts in preparation for the new Milner Varidamp shockers that arrived last week.  (Thanks Tony for bringing them back to Oxfordshire for us!). 


Two of the new shocks are in place and I can’t wait to try them out and start the development process!  Hopefully with some helpful advice from Andy at Milner’s we should be reasonably well set up out of the box, but it would be sensible to do some testing before the first event if we’ve got time!


Thanks to Nigel and his skills with the grinder, the gas axe, the stick and the torch, not to mention the pop-rivetter, most of the fabrication is now complete and waiting for the axle internals to be checked and re-assembled. 


Before we can go testing we have also got the wiring to complete – we reached the point of no return a couple of weeks ago with this too – out came reams of spaghetti of unknown origin, to be replaced with reams of spaghetti that we understand and goes where we want it!  Well that’s the plan anyway.  The new loom is loosely conceived and is laid in, but there is plenty of routing and connecting to do before we are ready and the clock is ticking.  There are plenty more photos on our Flickr account.


As for events we are planning once more to tackle all the UK Hillrallies and the Baja GB in September.  My feet are definitely beginning to itch and I can’t wait to do our first event, but for the meantime its back to the workshop to rebuild the axles and finish the wiring and suspension. 


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