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The Hillrally Cancelled

Unfortunately I have to report that The Hillrally 2007 has been cancelled due to insufficient entries.  This is a real pity as it is an absolutely fantastic event with some of the best stages in the country.

We were all ready for the event and gearing up to go, but unfortunately the event could not absorb the big loss that it was due to make.  This must be gutting for the organisers who have put in months of work to get the event to this stage.   The cancellation will also have an effect on lots of local companies who stood to benefit from the event.

Still we must look forward and work out how to ensure that this never happens again and that entry levels grow in the coming year.  There is a good debate going on at the forum over at in the Hillrally section.  Please take a look we’d value any thoughts.

For us we’re at a bit of a loss.  On the upside the car is ready to go, so we are already well placed for the Scottish Borders Hillrally in November – we already have our name on the list!

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