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Build up to The Hillrally

The list of jobs left to do for the Hillrally on the weekend of the 13th and 14th of October, is at last getting smaller rather than larger. 

Following on from our loss of brakes on the BajaGB we have rebuilt the gearbox again and are now part of the way through reinstalling it in the vehicle.  I’ve still got some brake pipes to make up – now that we have decided to life the ones on the car.  We have numerous other little tasks to sort out too.

I also want to do some road miles in the car after fitting new brake pads in the rear.  I ran out of time to bed the brakes in properly for the Scottish Hillrally and we paid for it in the first couple of stages where we suffered considerable brake fade!  As this is avoidable, I’m planning not to repeat the experience!  Not that it held us up on the Scottish, mind, we still caught and passed several cars on the initial stages!

Got some new tyres being fitted this week to some very ‘bling’ new motorsport spec alloy wheels.  As a lifelong supporter of using steel wheels ’cause you can always hammer them straight if you bend them!’ this is a bit of a departure for me.  Thanks to Andy at Allisport for passing them on to us at a reasonable price, its got to be worth a try.  I’m all for reducing unsprung weight where possible and if they are a little bit tougher then all is well and good.  I am, however, a little concerned because we were using white eight spoke rims with a considerably wider offset.  Whilst these Compomotive alloys run more negative offset than standard they are still quite a long way from what we have been using.  Still, worth a try!  And they do look cool too!

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