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New colour scheme

16062007191, originally uploaded by friesian_racing.

First glimpse of the new monochrome colour scheme – just awaiting the sponsors stickers now!

First glimpse of new paint job

09062007177, originally uploaded by friesian_racing.

MuddyMoo has emerged from the paint shop, resplendant in her new coat of white paint. I spent an hour or so drawing on the pristine new coat the position and design of the new patches. Its back into the paint shop on Monday for the new patches to be sprayed on!  See more on my Flickr account here.

That picture!

That picture!

FriesianRacing’s other team driver, Andrew, commented whilst I was with him the other weekend that he was disappointed that I no-longer had the ‘jump’ picture from The Hillrally a few years back on the site – so just for him (and because it is a really good shot!) here it is!

If you want to see other brilliant photos from this event or other rally/off road events then go to  Thanks for the photo, Gary!

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