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Longmoor Loco Stages 30th December

Sadly Shammy Moo was the only one of three ‘Imps’ entered, to complete the Longmoor Loco Stages rally yesterday. Our brilliant service crew Mike Dent, Robin Human and David Werrell were kept very busy with 6 half hour services and one 1hr 20 service by a process of checking and verifying various modifications and ‘playing’ with damper settings, tyre pressures, brake bias, tracking and camber settings. We decided to do this single venue tarmac event to give us the opportunity to tune brakes, suspension and steering.

We achieved all our ‘testing’ targets but in stage seven ‘Shammy Moo’ (who has his own Facebook page) decided to test us – immediately after the last chicane on the 1st to 2nd changeup, the pinchbolt holding the gearchange tube to the UJ dropped out leaving us in the neutral position and we coasted to the side. Henry immediately leapt out, put the ‘OK’ board out and lay down in a puddle trying to poke the selector input shaft in a gear with a screwdriver through a slot in the transmission / gear selection guards. He managed to get first and we were able to complete the stage one minute before the end of the stage target time. The service crew quickly solved the problem and we were able to complete stage 8 in a reasonable time. The other problem we had was fuel surging which we had not encountered previously – easily solved by foam filling the alloy tank which already has baffling!

Unfortunately we have no photographs to publish because of a total ban on photography. However we saw plenty of sneaky mobile phones being used and there will be some from the official photographer. If any appear in the public domain (Flickr or YouTube etc) we will publish a link here.

New Year Rally for Shammy

New Year Rally for Shammy

Shammy Moo is gearing up to compete with 2 other Imps in the Longmoor Stages Rally near Liphook, Hampshire on Friday 30th December. This two wheel drive only single venue stage rally round at the Longmoor Army Camp is the final preparation event before the 2012 British Historic Rally Championship. Much work has been done to the front suspension over the last few weeks to try and rectify a few issues that we had over camber and ride height.

Sadly the event is not open to spectators for military security reasons but anyone keen enough to watch this event can of course sign on as a marshal.

The event website is at:

FriesianRacing on Twitter