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France, the aftermath!

Muddy at Parc Ferme befor the start of Rallye JDLF

As a few of you no doubt will have heard, our outing to France and Rallye Jean de la Fontaine was a bit of mixed success.

Unfortunately a coming together with a slower car which was blocking the track, knocked us out of the running after only the one and a half stages. However the service crew of Nathan and Robin Rymell, Tony Cox helped by Henry’s folks (Nigel and Ronnie) did a fantastic job of straightening stuff out and getting us back on the road for the Sunday.

Muddy in pain!

Henry, Joel and a bruised and battered MuddyMoo then set about setting the fastest production car times on every stage against considerable international competition!

I hope to bring you a fuller report of what went on in the coming days, but in the meantime here are some photos of our adventures and the aftermath!
Gallery – Racing in France
Gallery – France – The aftermath

The race is on now to be ready for the Scottish Perthshire Hillrally at the beginning of July!

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