8th Overall – Scottish Perthshire Hillrally

Just back from one of the hardest Scottish Perthshire Hillrallies ever clutching the trophies for eighth overall and first in class.

We’ll post a full report later, but I would like to quickly thank all the guys who made it happen.

Thanks to those who helped put the car back together after our French experiences – Joel, Andrew, Nigel and Tony for the bits!

Thanks to those who fed, watered, and serviced for us this weekend: Sue, Andrew, Lesley and Daisy.

Thanks to the organisers for an excellent event, one of the hardest, but incredibly rewarding! From the competitors point of view the organisation was excellent! Special thanks to Ian Stuart, Andy Mills, Janis McLure and CLO Sharon Scott, although I appreciate that there are many others who put in a ton of work and made this event a reality.

To the competitors; where were you all? You missed a cracking event!

And finally to my sponsors Allmakes 4×4 and especially Sue Benge who sorted us out with all our last minute parts panics and also supplied us with the very best in quality to last this gruelling event.

2 Responses to “8th Overall – Scottish Perthshire Hillrally”

  1. 1 Scotch Bonnet 13 July 2009 at 22:40

    This was indeed a great event and very tough indeed. Well done for your 8th place and first in class. I think people were afraid to enter…..;) Maybe next time they’ll pluck up the courage to try what must be the toughest rally in the UK.

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