Press Release: Udderly Fantastic!

Henry and Sarah brave the elements at the end of the event, happy, but cold! 
For Immediate Release

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Oxfordshire based Motorsport Team – Friesian Racing, claimed an impressive third place in the national section of the BajaGB in mid-Wales at the weekend

After 625.82 kilometers of high speed action in the Welsh forests, the Friesian Racing team with their distinctive Land Rover Discovery, ‘MuddyMoo’ missed out on second place by a mere 30 seconds.

“I am chuffed to bits with the result” said Henry Webster (Middleton Stoney), driver and team principal. “It’s been a fantastic event, the stages have suited us down to the ground. It is the sort of terrain that our car really thrives on!”

“We’ve done especially well when you consider that the sport is dominated by specially modified vehicles. To get on the podium with a Production Class car is virtually unheard of!” said Co-Driver Sarah Suter (Chepstow). The event was not without its challenges for the whole Friesian Racing herd. Having missed last year’s inaugural event, thwarted at the last minute by engine gremlins, the team found themselves in a similar situation this year. With just minutes to go to the technical scrutineering MuddyMoo wouldn’t start. The service crew (largely new for this event!) worked wonders to get the car running and into the event on time.

The king ignition lead came loose on the opening SuperSpecial stage in Radnor Forest forcing a stop to reattach it and relegating them to the back of the national field. The fight back started on the first stage of day two, the first of the true Baja stages (a 60.97km test in Hafren Forest and Sweet Lamb), where the team overtook five cars to claim the third fastest time. A similar feat in the third 54.64km test brought the team right back into contention. This was a truly punishing stage which threw everything at the teams, from river crossings to deep mud, steep climbs to precipitous drops all mixed in with lots of fast gravel tracks.

Disaster struck on the second loop of stages.  Two thirds of the way through the second “Sweet Lamb” stage a brake line fractured leaving the crew with no brakes.  Nursing the car nearly twenty kilometers to the end without brakes, the team were then able to block off the offending pipe and drive the “Tarenig” stage with an ill handling car with braking effort on just three wheels.

Once fixed at the overnight halt, the team were able to claw their way back onto the podium in the remaining two Sunday tests.  Starting nearly two minutes behind the second placed car of Frazer Williams and Dave Thomas, Henry and Sarah flew through the final kilometres to reduce the gap to a mere 31 seconds by the end of the event.

“Getting to the end of an endurance event like this is an achievement in itself, but to do so and to finish on the podium was beyond our wildest expectations!  It is a credit to the quality of the parts supplied by Abingdon based Allmakes 4×4!”  said Henry Webster at the end of the event.

3 Responses to “Press Release: Udderly Fantastic!”

  1. 1 Tom Elliott 21 August 2007 at 07:45

    Hi Guys,

    I saw you out and about in the Forests over the weekend and just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic result. There is nothing quite like the sound of a V8 Land Rover tearing through the stages, much better than the Japanesse motors…!

    Well done.


  2. 2 Sarah 21 August 2007 at 08:24

    Thanks Tom! I have to agree! ; D

  3. 3 friesianracing 21 August 2007 at 11:36

    Yes, thanks indeed Tom.

    To say I’m surprised and chuffed with the result is a real understatement, but that Discovery just lapped up those stages.

    Glad you liked the sound – as Sarah suggests, we like it too!


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