Oh dear is that a crack? – preparation for the BajaGB

Just when i was beginning to feel a bit smug that we hadn’t done too
much damage on this year’s Scottish Perthshire Hillrally, I found a whacking
great crack in the transfer box casing.  Unfortunately this means that
we are now into removing rebuilding into new casing and refitting the
box on top of all the usual pre-event service items.

I hope we’ve not done any lasting damage to the internals, because
being modified lower ratio gear and chain I won’t be able to source
new ones in time for the BajaGB.  Besides I was hoping just to fit everything into the spare casing that I have in the garage.

Andrew is coming down in the week to help me whip the box out so
hopefully we can get it sorted by the end of the week.

The damage we’ve found so far from the Scottish.

Inverted anti roll bar rear. Flattened mounts
3 bent wheels
Steering box needing adjustment
More dented rear shocks

Oh dear is that a crack, originally uploaded by friesian_racing.

2 Responses to “Oh dear is that a crack? – preparation for the BajaGB”

  1. 1 Rich Suter 2 August 2007 at 16:26

    Hope you get it sorted H.

  2. 2 friesianracing 2 August 2007 at 21:40

    So far so good – that box is now on the floor of the garage in bits. Doesn’t look like too much internal damage despite running virtually dry.

    Hope to clean it up tomorrow night and reassemble and refit it on Saturday, if all goes well.

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