Scottish Hillrally – press release

Friesian Racing are ‘over the moon’ with their result on the Scottish Perthshire Hillrally - Photo: M&J Brinkman

Photo: M&J Brinkman 

Oxfordshire herd triumph in Scotland

17th July 2007 

Middleton Stoney based racing team – Friesian Racing (so called because of their distinctive cow-like livery) have returned from the gruelling Scottish Perthshire Hillrally with a second place in the Super Production class with their Land Rover Discovery, ‘MuddyMoo’.

Although the team are treating the 2007 season as a development year, driver Henry Webster was thrilled to have placed so well in his first event of the year:  “The Scottish is the hardest round in the year so to come back from a long winter in the workshop to do so well is great news.”

“This event was really intended as a shakedown for the Baja GB in August, so the position and the championship points are a bonus, the really good thing is that the car is better than ever.”

Friesian Racing have secured the assistance of local Abingdon based firm Allmakes 4×4 for the 2007 season, an association that is already paying off; “On an event as hard on the vehicle as the Scottish Hillrally we rely on the best quality components – Allmakes commitment to quality has helped us get through the event with no mechanical problems.”

The event was not without drama for the Friesian Racing herd, the wet conditions meant that the already tough Perthshire moorland terrain was even more difficult than ever.  Mud and bogs, wet grass and rocky hill climbs conspired to make this year’s event one of the hardest ever, to even reach the finish was an achievement.  Chipping Norton’s Ray and Vonnie Kempster (Milner R4 ProTruck) were just one crew who didn’t make it to the end.

Henry Webster with co-driver Sarah Suter (Chepstow) on one occasion found their route barred by a closed gate – with no option but to hit it, the gate bounced out of the way with little damage to either party! 



2 Responses to “Scottish Hillrally – press release”

  1. 1 M Brinkman 1 August 2007 at 12:38

    Hi Henry

    I dont think this is what we agreed on.

    It would have been nice to have had an acknowledgement as did Garry Simpson.

    How did our picture appear in the BAJA press release?

    Jo & Mo

  2. 2 friesianracing 1 August 2007 at 22:02

    Hi Folks

    Nice of you to drop in.

    There is an acknowledgement in the photo caption which is in the alt tag, but I admit that isn’t very prominent. For some reason I didn’t copy the photo caption info across from the press release. Sorry!

    I was however going to put a link to your Photobox website in the link box on the right hand side as well, but I just haven’t got around to doing it yet. I’ll do it now!

    I was also going to drop you a line this evening about the BajaGB press release out of courtesy – I was a little surprised. Essentially I put the photo in the Friesian Racing release that I sent out to Neil and he then included it as part of the official release.



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