The view from the left


Hello!  I’m Sarah, lucky co-driver for MuddyMoo.  Henry has invited me to share the experience of co-driving for him.  It’s quite an experience!  Never before have I co-driven for someone who, at high speed, in the heat of fierce competition and driving over seriously rough ground, has pointed out a rather attractive plant by the side of the track.  : D

So, what’s it been like as co-driver recently?  The wait throughout winter for our first event has seemed SO long, then suddenly it’s a matter of weeks away and the entry form goes in late!  The event still felt very distant until a visit to Henry a couple of weeks ago.  Seeing MuddyMoo in the flesh brought it all back, the quiet moments before the stage checking and rechecking everything, the heart pounding faster as you wait at the start line, then the fantastic moments of absolutely epic driving from Henry… just awesome!  The new paintwork looked great, I couldn’t help feeling MuddyMoo looked rather naked just white.  Seeing her looking ready to run, I just couldn’t stop grinning for ages!  It was so great catching up with Henry and Andrew too, not having seen them for months.  Feels like family though, that’s one of the brilliant things about being part of the MuddyMoo team, it’s a total pleasure to be part of.  I can’t wait for the whole team to get together and for the event now! 

 I really enjoyed helping out in the garage too, as much as I could.  I am quite excellent at passing things, just maybe not always the right things!  With an iota of my brother’s mechanical knowledge, I’d have been loads more use, but I’ll do whatever I can to help out.  The shocks situation was a bit of a setback, I’m not sure what’s happening with that now but it’s all in Henry’s capable hands, and doubtless appears on a list as long as.. erm, well as least as long as the wrong shocks!  I know Henry is really hard at work with his list of things to do, and if I lived closer I’d be there to help too.  All I can do really is go over the things that I can do, and get nervous!  Still, I brought the intercom home with me and got our communications sorted (well, delegated it to my in-house technical expert, husband, and rival competitor Richard).  I’ve also been hard at work on other slightly random things, like an idea Henry had for promoting events which we’ve put into practice, and working at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  All in between my day job (which of course goes mad about the same time as the motorsport season), and doing timing on BORC and AWDC events, and trying to renovate the house Richard and I bought last year.  Something has to give and it tends to be our ‘real’ life.  Motorsport first! 

Now, with just over a week to go, the butterflies are really setting in.  Do I really know what I’m doing?  Will I let Henry down?  Will I remember everything I need?  Have I got the right maps?  Will my new race suit turn up in time?  Will my licence turn up in time?!  Argh! 

On the plus side, I can’t wait to be strapped in that fabulous machine, calling the stage out to Henry and trying not to yell out all the ‘yeehaaah’s that ring wildly and merrily around my head as Henry demonstrates some more awesome driving!   

Yup, I can’t wait!

1 Response to “The view from the left”

  1. 1 friesianracing 3 July 2007 at 16:43

    Hey, welcome aboard Sarah!

    I was rather taken with the Gorse in full bloom, and I don’t think we lost any time by appreciating the surroundings! 😉

    Looking forward to hearing more from you on the blog in the coming months.

    I can’t wait for the Scottish now, although there is plenty to do between now and next Thursday when we start the long journey north!


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