First road miles

Last weekend we put MuddyMoo back on the road for the first time since last year.  Following on from the previous weekends rather traumatic first start of the engine and cam bedding in process (see video below) the first trip down the road was equally nerve wracking.  The old girl felt alright, but with everything newly bolted back in and the engine needing to be run in, we pottered the three miles to the MOT station in Crawley, Oxon.

The MOT itself was reasonably painless, but in the rush to get everything back together in the minutes before our appointment I managed to leave the fuel cap on the roof of the car as I drove it away.  It wasn’t until I drove it into the MOT station (having just fixed the indicators, that had given up on the trip!) that I noticed.  A quick phone call to Nigel fixed that and this year she sailed straight through.

This weekend I hope to start putting some miles in, between concentrating on writing job interview submissions, which is of course what I ought to be doing!

So far so good – I don’t yet know how much better the engine is, but at the moment I’m content with knowing that it is running smoothly.  I can’t wait to open her though! 

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